Manor Massages

From the balancing touch and the fluid gentle movements of a Swedish massage to the penetrating warmth of Himalayan Salt Stones, our skilled therapists use unique ingredients and a variety of massage techniques to leave you feeling revived, relaxed and Royal.

Royal Facials

Vibrant, radiant, even-toned skin is not only beautiful, but also suggests a healthy lifestyle and one who cares about how they look. At British Manor Spa, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse and results-driven selection of skin care treatments and therapies bespoke to each guest. Expert Estheticians asses your specific skin care needs to create a fully customized service.

Body Treatments

Detoxify, exfoliate and maintain good health with sublime body treatments. Carefully balanced to deeply cleanse and replenish, our spa body scrubs and treatments lift the veil of dullness and restore hydrated silkiness to the skin.



Whole body Cryotherapy is short term exposure of the human body to temperatures of -170 to -270 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of 2 to 3 minutes. At this extreme temperature, the body activates strong self-protection mechanisms that yield both health and cosmetics benefits. Adopted by World Class Athletes, Cryotherapy helps speed up recovery and improve Elite performance.

Nottingham Nail Treatments

At British Manor Spa our mission is to provide each guest with a wonderfully opulent experience. Our Pedicure and Manicure services are designed to transform your hands and feet, with the utmost attention to detail, while providing all necessary maintenance.
Regardless of which service you choose, you will leave polished, pampered and shine like royalty



Our wax treatments offer the utmost care to protect health and elasticity of the skin. Wax is applied warm and then removed gently, leaving skin smooth and clean.

Her Majesty's Service - Gentlemen's choice

Distinctly designed services just for men. We offer an ideal retreat from the stress of daily life. Whether you’re in need of grooming, recovery or pampering, we’ve got you covered.

The Junior Royals

Bestow upon your heir or heiress the Royal treatment at British Manor Spa. Allow us to nurture your little one with a magical spa experience from our selection of Junior services.


At British Manor Spa you can indulge in a little more Royal pampering as you personalize your treatment with these luxury extra touches.

Best of British Packages

At the Manor we are pleased to offer a selection of sumptuous packages to promote health and wellness for the mind, body and soul. Give yourself the benefits of multiple treatments to revive your energy and vitality and leave feeling totally renewed.

Time to Restore. Time to Replenish. Time for you.