Body Treatments

Somerset Salt & Sugar Scrub

Give dull, fatigued skin a radiant, rosy glow with this creamy and exfoliating salt and sugar body scrub packed with revitalizing minerals and glycerin. This newly refined treatment includes a personalized experience using a scent of your choice from our sweet selection of aromas, then blended into the creamy scrub. Extend the experience further with the jar of your customized product to take home.

50 Minutes $115 / VIP Members $99

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Cornwall Clay Wrap

This newly refined mineral enriched treatment was designed to improve skin’s texture, firmness and elasticity. It begins with a tranquilizing full-body dry brush exfoliation followed with long, soothing brush strokes of a deep rich mineral clay. Relax during your warm wrap with a sumptuous scalp massage while simultaneously having your feet submerged in warm wax booties. Warm towel compresses are used to remove the clay as a moisturizing mineral cream completes this luxury experience, leaving your skin smooth to the touch.

50 Minutes $135 / VIP Members $115

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Cambridge Exfoliating Body Ritual

Embark on a relaxing and enchanting journey.  Unwind as a Cherry Blossom Rice Powder Gommage exfoliates the entire body while a unique scalp and foot massage helps restore and replenish vital energy.  An invigorating dry brush leaves the skin feeling refreshed as a full body application of warm Shea Butter with aromatic asian scents brings blissful relaxation.

50 Minutes $125 / VIP Members $105

80 Minutes $185 / VIP Members $160

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Ascot Amber Escape

Let your mind and body escape as we surround you in hypnotic notes of an Amber and Myrrh nectar. Immerse yourself in this exotic ritual featuring an exclusive body exfoliation with our handmade Moroccan Pumice Stone that leaves the skin looking radiant. A relaxing application of amber oil entices the senses with warm, sweet woody notes for an unforgettable sensorial experience. To recreate this exotic ambiance at home, the Moroccan Pumice Stone is our gift to you.

50 Minutes $140 / VIP Members $120

80 Minutes $200 / VIP Members $175

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