Manor Massages

Couples Massage

*Please call front desk to reserve couples suite*

Choose any two from our selection of Manor Massages to be done side-by-side in front of a cozy fireplace in our luxurious couples suite. Price is equivalent to the cost of the two massages plus $25

Kensington Relaxation Massage

Mellow out and de-stress with this wonderfully relaxing, aromatic treatment. This sumptuous Swedish massage uses light to moderate pressure and a blend of essential oils to melt away tension, improve circulation, and leave you well rested from head to toe. A hydrating Mint Cream is applied to hands, feet and temples giving a refreshed feeling and leaving a gentle tingling effect.

65 Minutes $125 / VIP Members $109

95 Minutes $180 / VIP Members $154

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Trafalgar Deep Tissue Massage

Revive tired and fatigued muscles with this powerful massage designed to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress. This deeper-pressure massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue to help break down adhesions,  release pain & tension and increase mobility. A muscle gel is applied to troubled areas to help decrease pain and tension.

65 Minutes $140 / VIP Members $120

95 Minutes $195 / VIP Members $167

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Stonehenge Warm Salt Stone Massage

Take your massage to the next level with warm Himalayan Salt Stones. Applied with light to medium pressure using Swedish massage techniques, this distinctive treatment helps re-supply the body with essential minerals absorbed through the skin, whilst balancing your energy and lowering blood pressure. Relax as the warmth of the Salt Stones creates a greater sense of deep relaxation using expert massage techniques to circulate toxins out of the body.

65 Minutes $150 / VIP Members $129

95 Minutes $205 / VIP Members $176

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The Ritz

Rejuvenate the body during this deep muscle massage using various modalities, including warm Himalayan Salt Stones and deeply penetrating Fire & Ice treatment, to ease muscle pain and tension. Applying moderate to deep pressure, our expert therapists will take you on a heavenly journey of head-to-toe relaxation during which a blend of warm oils are applied to the hands for deep hydration whilst you luxuriate in the ritual.

85 Minutes $185 / VIP Members $159

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Great Expectations Massage

A nurturing full-body massage for expectant mothers in their second and third trimesters using safe and effective prenatal techniques to relieve tension caused by overworked muscles. Ease mental and physical stress by indulging in this skin-elasticizing treatment using warm coco butter to enhance your skin and the experience. To help nourish your skin at home, a personal coco butter heart-shaped bar is our gift to you.

65 Minutes $140 / VIP Members $140

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120-Minute Signature Massage

Float deep into relaxation with our most luxurious and all inclusive massage. Begin the journey with a cup of tea while your feet soak in warm copper foot baths. Allow us to then whisk your body into complete tranquility with a full-body, warm coco butter massage followed by a sumptuous scalp massage using luxurious hydration hair mask. Sugar scrub exfoliation will be performed on both hands and feet, incorporating a wonderful white ginger or bamboo & teak scent followed by an application of our warmed mineral cream. Your journey will end with an aromatic warmed towel compression to bring you full relaxation from head to toe.
120 Minutes $250 / VIP Members $215
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35-Minute Stress Reduction

Relax your overworked muscles with this therapeutic massage that targets specific areas of tension such as the neck, back and shoulders. This treatment is perfect for those who are limited on time and have specific areas of focus.

35 Minutes $65 / VIP Members $56

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45-minute Foot Revival

This delectable foot treatment includes a blissful Foot Soak in a copper foot bath, a Salt & Sugar Foot Scrub, and a luxury Hand and Foot Massage with Mineral Cream. Feet are then treated to a rich blend of hydrating oils and then placed in warm herbal booties to soften and soothe the skin.

45 Minutes $75 / VIP Members $65

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